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Romance in West Sussex

Who said 'Romance is Dead' well it's not in West Sussex. Our little adventure started with a phone call last Wednesday when Tom called me and asked if the string quartet could play 'Game of Thrones' whilst he proposed to his girlfriend. No problem I thought, then he said it will be next Tuesday!!

wedding, string quartet, Hampshire

After some frantic phone calls to the rest of the quartet I was able to confirm our availability and after several more phone calls with Tom over the next couple of days our plan to surprise Claire his girlfriend was agreed.

The venue was the Crab and Lobster restaurant in Sidlesham near Chichester. It was agreed that the quartet would arrive at the restaurant by 6.45pm, hide our instruments and stands and Tom and Claire were booked for a meal at 7pm. The restaurant was also in on the surprise and had positioned Tom and Claire on a table so that Claire had her back to the bar area where we lay in wait. By 7 o'clock the restaurant was starting to fill up. Tom and Claire arrived just after 7pm took their seats and the plan was that after they had ordered their food we would play. Their order was taken we quickly set up, didn't have the opportunity to tune or warm up and without Claire realising what was happening we started. After a couple of bars Tom got down on one knee and proposed to Claire who I'm pleased to say accepted!! The restaurant erupted with applause as everyone had guessed by this stage what was happening and we continued to finish 'Game of Thrones'.

wedding, string quartet, Hampshire

A great gig for us and we are so pleased that it all worked out as planned for Tom and Claire....

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