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How to select your PERFECT string quartet

So you've decided you want a string quartet for your wedding. For most couples this will the first time they will have hired any kind of band so how can you be sure that you get the right string quartet? It's not as daunting a task as you may think! Here are some tips to help you chose your PERFECT string quartet without using one of those music agents who will charge you for the privilege.

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1) Do your homework. Search the web for string quartets that are local to your wedding venue. If you want a string quartet in West Sussex ensure that the phrase 'West Sussex' is included in your search enquiry. This will then identify string quartets with experience of playing at venues local to yours.

2) Check out the quartet players and what experience they are offering.

3) Read the quartet's Testimonials. What have others been saying about them.

4) Ensure that the quartet offers audio clips or videos so that you can hear them playing.

5) Browse the quartet's repertoire to check that it includes music that you would like and want to be played.

6) Remember that price is no indicator of quality.

Follow the above advice and hopefully!! you will get the string quartet you really want....


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