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Public Liability Insurance and String Quartets.

Does a string quartet need Public Liability Insurance (PLI)? Legally no, but no matter how careful a string quartet might be accidents do unfortunately happen. Whilst the 4Strings Quartet has not had any accidents to date there are a number of reasons why we believe that having PLI makes good business sense.

wedding string quartet Hampshire PLI

Firstly, it allows the string quartet to perform in the knowledge that should an accident occur, such as a guest tripping over a music stand and injuring themselves or the quartet causes damage to a guest’s belongings or damage to the venue, our PLI insurance will cover any claims made against us. Secondly, our PLI provides added protection for our clients and their guests. Although your wedding venue will have their own PLI this will not extend to cover the activities of a string quartet which you will have separately arranged. So, if you have employed a string quartet that has no PLI cover you will be unable to claim through the venue’s PLI should you or one of your guests suffer a loss caused by the activities of your string quartet. The only way to obtain compensation in these circumstances will be for you to make a claim against the string quartet through the courts. An expensive and timely process. Thirdly, many venues will only allow a quartet/band etc to perform if they can provide their own PLI cover. It’s worth checking with your wedding venue if this is the case before you book any string quartet. It’s easy to check if a quartet has PLI cover. Simply ask them and then get them to e-mail or send you a copy of their PLI insurance certificate. If you book the 4Strings Quartet we provide £10m of PLI cover through our membership of The Alliance of Musicians and Performers. If you book us not only do you get a great sounding string quartet at a great price but added protection for you and your guests though our PLI cover. The decision is yours!!!!


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